Client review of El Dorado Casitas Royale

El Dorado Casitas Royale was absolutely amazing. From the moment we stepped into the lobby until the time we left we were constantly saying wow. I’ve never seen a more well maintained property and the best part was they maintained it without the use of tons of power equipment so there was no noise.

The staff were some of the best people I’ve ever come in contact with. Whether it be the gentleman watering the lawn or the bartender, or the waiter, they were all wonderful. You couldn’t walk past them without an “hola” coming from them before you could even form the word. Our favorite staff members were Enrica, our bartender, he was truly awesome and a lot of fun. Our beach butlers, Marecio and Ignunsio, were hilarious and kept us in whatever we needed so we could just lay there on the beach and relax. Our beach waiter, Cindy, worked extremely hard, she was quiet but remembered what drink you enjoyed. Every single waiter and hostess was great but I think my favorite hostess was at La Fondue. She was lively and having fun.

The food was simply amazing. We ate to our hearts content and our bellies were about to explode with joy. My favorite for breakfast was Cocotal. I never knew there could  be so many choices for breakfast! You could truly hurt yourself eating there every morning! The only questionable meal I had involved shrimp and the waiter was more than happy to rectify the situation. All I can here is be ready to try different foods and love them!

Casitas Swim Up PoolThe pool outside our room was great. We did have a little trouble one day when it became overrun with some folks from the Royale but that was taken care of and they didn’t come back. The pool was clean and the water was warm, it was great.

I loved the beach beds! My husband and I are somewhat fair skinned and burn easily but when we were tired of the sun but didn’t want to go in we just hit the beach bed. Next time I go I will take water shoes since it is a bit rocky.

I would most definitely recommend this resort and Berwick Travel to everyone I know. I would rather do El Dorado Casitas Royale than a cruise anytime.

Susan with Berwick Travel was wonderful at explaining everything to me and taking care of everything so that we felt comfortable. Thank you Susan!  This was most definitely a 10 on our vacation scale and we do plan on returning!

Thanks Wendy from NC, we appreciate the great comments!  -Steve


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