Playa Del Carmen Beaches

The beach is back in Playa Del Carmen! After several years of being hard hit by erosion and a handful of hurricanes, the beach along this picturesque stretch had all but disappeared. Unattractive sandbags dotted the view, trying vainly to keep Mother Nature at bay, but to no avail. Several hotels literally had waves crashing against their pool decks, and had essentially given up even putting beach chairs out.

All that has changed in the past few months. The Mexican government, as part of their tourism plan in Cancun & Riviera Maya, spent millions of dollars and months of time rebuilding the beaches. Dredges pulled up sand from hundreds of yards out in the ocean and pumped it from two foot wide pipes until the beach reemerged from the sea. When they finished, the hotels along the Playacar strip (including some of our most popular, such as the Riu Palace Mexico, Riu Palace Riviera Maya, Riu Playacar and Yucatan, the Iberostar Tucan & Quetzal, Sandos Playacar, and of course Royal Hideaway) had a brand new 200 feet wide beach with plenty of room for chairs, volleyball nets, palapas, and beach waiters!

The sand itself is a bit on the coarse side, and Mother Nature’s wrath can already be seen in the waves carving out a small ledge at the water’s edge (an indication she’s slowly taking back that sand the dredges borrowed from her), but the government has guaranteed the beaches in Playa Dal Carmen. This means that as the natural erosion progresses, the dredges will return, and the cycle will begin again. The beaches may grow and shrink depending on the time of year, but at least now we know the beaches are back for good.

We’ve got a handful of new beach pictures posted – check out that bright blue water!

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