Xplor Excursion Review

It’s not often we’re able to participate in some of the incredible off-site excursions and activities (we do actually work when we visit, the destinations!), but this trip we were fortunate enough to join our great friends at Funjet Vacations as their ground transportation company (Lomas Travel) took us to one of the newest (and most active) options, Xplor.

Xplor, which is owned by the same company that owns Xcaret and Xel-Ha parks, is a high-energy day with four of the most popular activities all included in one entry (not to mention food, drinks, and lockers).

Start your day with one of two zip-line courses running between 60-75 foot tall towers over the park. Xplor has what we called “zip lines for dummies”; a two-wire system with guides on each tower that start and stop the guests, meaning no need to hold the line to slow down. Just sit and enjoy the view! If you chose the Jaguar course (no actual jaguars, we assure you) you’ll ride the high lines (taller towers of the two courses); if you choose the Deer course, you’ll splash down into cool fresh water cenotes on a couple of runs, plus take a waterslide ride.

After de-harnessing, head over to the rafts, where you’ll hand paddle one or two person rafts through an underground river system that weaves its way through stalactites and stalagmites in lit caverns. Since you just sat in a wet raft, might as well make your way to the river swim, where guests don a lifejacket and swim/walk through another underground river, this one with more picturesque scenery (or maybe it just appears to be, since you we so busy trying to paddle your raft accurately, you missed that scenery).

Time to grab lunch – very large buffet with hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta, salads, and more (oddly enough, it wasn’t very Mexican…) where all the food and drink are included. Back to the lockers (no charge) to put on shorts and a t-shirt, and off to the amphibious vehicles, where guests drive a four wheel drive buggy through a winding 4 kilometer course surround by trees, and through underground caves (some with a couple of feet of water – hence the amphibious!)

Finish the day by doing the other zip-line run, and take the air-conditioned Lomas Travel van back to your resort. Very fun day, although Xplor is much less “authentic” than their two sister parks (one of our party remarked the raft ride felt like a log flume at Disney with the loading and unloading area). The park is located just south of Playa Del Carmen, and rates are $129/adult, half price for kids under 12. Contact your Travel Consultant to book ahead of time, Xplor and have fun!

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