Club Med Cancun Yucatan Review

If you haven’t seen or heard what Club Med is today, you may have an outdated idea…odd bracelets with beads you remove to pay for drinks, doors without locks, and singles looking for a fun time. Today’s Club Med is MUCH different, as they’ve fully embraced the all-inclusive concept of the 90’s and 00’s, and have shifted much more towards the family market, and Club Med Cancun Yucatan is the flagship of the new concept.

Club Med Cancun Yucatan was one of the first hotels to be built in Cancun, and for that reason chose THE prime location. It’s set at the furthest south part, well away from the hustle and bustle of the Hotel Zone, and on the point of the “7” shape of Cancun’s island (did you know Cancun is actually an island?) This location not only sets it apart from other mass-market hotels, but also provides Club Med Cancun Yucatan an ideal location for watersports. Club Med has designed this resort to incorporate the Mexican and Mayan cultures, with bright colors and authentic artifacts and artwork from throughout the region. Rooms are colorful and comfortable, all with flat screen televisions, vanity desk with pop-up mirror (so that getting the hair ready for dinner doesn’t interfere with teeth brushing!), and stocked minibar. Internet access is available for an extra fee.

Perhaps Club Med Cancun Yucatan’s best features are the GO’s, or the resort staff. Guests come from all around the world, with a large percentage of Europeans, but the GO’s are fluent in several languages, and are among the most friendly and outgoing you’ll ever meet – including joining you for meals at your table to strike up a conversation.

Club Med Cancun Yucatan features two oceanside a la carte restaurants, a Mexican and Mediterranean, plus a large main buffet restaurant with distinctly themed dining areas, and an impressive number of food stations such as grill, fresh Mexican foods, salads, vegetables and fruits, and a huge dessert station – just what you need on a beach vacation! No worries, they offer plenty of amazing activities and sports to work off that white chocolate bread (and if you’ve never had Club Med’s white chocolate bread, you haven’t lived yet). Three amazing main activities set this resort apart:

• Absolutely top notch waterski/wakeboarding program at Club Med Cancun Yucatan, maybe the best in the business. Top of the line equipment (Moomba & Mastercraft boats, Connelly & Hyperlite skis & boards, O’Neill life vests, etc.) and excellent, patient instructors. Huge semi-private lagoon right on property to use, either for beginners (with lots of space to be dragged around on your face!) or experienced (slalom buoy course). Depending on the number of guests, one can ski/board from 9:30 through noon, and again from 2:30 through 5PM – no limit on the number of runs, just take turns! The staff provides fantastic instruction, even for children as young as 12. Not only did they teach our young boys how to ski and wakeboard in one day, but even somehow got me up and out of the water, and now I’m a wakeboard junkie!
• As with other Club Meds,
Club Med Cancun Yucatan features an onsite trapeze program with experienced instructors, for young to young at heart – everything from basic swinging to release moves, and if you work hard at it, they’ll invite you to join the weekly trapeze show in front of the entire resort!
Onsite snorkeling may be one of the best and most below-the-radar activities here. The second-largest reef in the world (the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) starts right at the southern tip of Cancun, and is essentially just offshore from
Club Med Cancun Yucatan. Grab a snorkel mask and explore right offshore, in the same area where the dozens of hotels up and down the Cancun Hotel Zone charge extra to send people by boat!

To finish it off, Club Med Cancun Yucatan has remodeled and upgraded their top level rooms in the oceanfront Jade Building. The resort road was moved to accommodate the oceanfront location and all new Jade pool, with a newly redone lobby with concierge service. The brand spanking new (opened in October) Jade Pool is right on the ocean with Bali-style beds, with a butler who delivers drinks, pillows and cushions, and takes care of the guests throughout the day.

Club Med Cancun Yucatan is currently running an Early Booking Sale with 15% off 2010 rates. For more information, brand new photos, and a price quote, visit our Club Med Cancun Yucatan page.


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