Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun has always been one of our favorites, and was one of the first true adults-only luxury resorts our company began featuring when we started our big entry into Mexico over five years ago. For many, it’s been Secrets Capri’s size – less than 300 rooms with a U-shaped layout around the main pool (with strolling saxophonist) offers intimacy and relaxation. For others, it’s been the staff – Secrets Capri was our 2008 Best Of winner for Best Staff & Service – who go out of their way to accommodate guests’ requests and preferences, and knows who you are and what you drink almost as soon as you arrive. For others still, it’s been the gourmet dining and top shelf drinks.

None of that has changed, and now that Secrets Capri is all-Preferred Club level, the service and amenities are even better. What has changed is the nightlife! Before April of this year, Secrets Capri has always been known as a quiet and laid back resort (it still is) with nothing really going on after dinner. What a change they have made! One can still enjoy an after dinner coffee overlooking the ocean at Seaside Grill, or a cocktail in the Rendevous lobby bar, or adjourn to their room and order room service. But for those looking for a little excitement, let us introduce Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun’s all-new Desires Sports Bar!

Desires was a small room offering a stage and chairs/tables for basic nighttime entertainment, but Secrets Capri blew out the wall and removed the spa (which is now in a new location, bigger and better than ever – you must see the pictures!) and added in a full sports bar, complete with flat screen televisions (including a full wall screen), pool tables, table games, and a wraparound bar with more televisions showing sports from around the globe. Nighttime entertainment has been upgraded as well – live music, showmen, roaming magicians, and more. Really surprising if you’ve been to Secrets Capri before, as walking down the lobby steps, it’s a head-turner seeing the new sports bar!


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