Excellence Playa Mujeres

Another Excellence Playa Mujeres update! How can it have changed, you may ask? What can be so different since the last update a few months back? The fact of the matter is that all resorts change over time, and with a new resort such as Excellence Playa Mujeres (opened end of 2007) those changes can easily be seen. The colors, the tropical foliage and flowers, the sandy beach, the spreading palm trees, and maybe most importantly the seasoned staff – everything goes up just a notch every trip back. Even if you’ve stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres, it’s always improving. We’ve posted dozens of brand new Excellence Playa Mujeres pictures online.

The staff simply gets better and better. With a new resort, the first year is always the hardest – a statistic we were once told about is that a new hotel turns over its entire staff in 6-8 months. What does that mean? They say they lose about 10-15% of their employees each month, whether to other hotels offering better initial pay, or promotions within the company, or simply because the employee didn’t work out. So in the first 6-8 months, the staff is undergoing changes and retraining, and updates and promotions, all of which can contribute to some learning curves (one of the reasons why our policy is not to send guests to a resort in the first 30 days they are open, and ‘suggest’ waiting six months). Now that Excellence Playa Mujeres has been open just over a year, the staff is set in place – the best people they have are in the most appropriate positions, and the guests are the recipients of the best possible service.

And Excellence Playa Mujeres itself? More beautiful than ever. White sandy beach (sure, still some seagrass washes up as with ANY resort – but the maintenance staff at Excellence is second to none, and are out early every morning and again in the afternoon manicuring the beach) with calm water (the natural break of Isla Mujeres does wonders for the ocean) and pretty night scenes of the island’s lights over the ocean make for a very scenic stay. The palm trees are fully grown, the tropical foliage is in full bloom year-round, and the small potted plants placed throughout the resort are now quite large!

Excellence Playa Mujeres was one of our seven Pinnacle Award winners for 2008, and just keeps improving month after month. Plus, with promotions like 35% off for 2009 travel for one of Mexico’s most luxurious resorts, it’s never been so within reach.


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