Secrets Silversands is Now Open!!

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Secrets Silversands, the second adults-only Secrets resort, opened officially on August 3rd, and we were there to see it! Make sure to see our Secrets Silversands grand opening photos. Just to preface, most resorts aren’t exactly ready to open when they do – always last minute changes, delays, updates, etc. The logistics of opening a multi-million dollar resort can be difficult to manage.

That being said, Secrets Silversands is incredibly impressive! We visited the construction site in February, and again snuck a peak at the end of July. To see it complete in all its splendor, only a day after it was scheduled to open, was amazing – to imagine a resort that was bare concrete just a few weeks earlier could be this complete…

As of August 6th, all services and facilities are up and running with the exception of the spa. Secrets Silversands is performing spa services in-room, around the pool, or (our favorite) on the beach. They expect the spa to be open by the end of August. All restaurants are open (furniture being put in and final touches made this week), and judging by our fantastic lunch at Oceana overlooking the pool (shrimp rolls, sopa de lima with seafood, shrimp tacos, mahi mahi sandwich, etc.) their kitchen facilities are in great shape, and ready to serve the gourmet food Secrets is known for.

Very unique property, very upscale and trendy, almost an art-deco feel to it. Whites and silvers are all around, very minimalistic furnishings in the public areas, and quiet jazz music playing throughout the resort. The large lobby has a spiral staircase leading down to the lower lobby and main bar (the bottom of the staircase has a mirror, so it appears the stairs go on forever.) Outside the lower lobby is another bar, this one surrounded by low white lounge beds that are subtly lit at night.

Secrets Silversands features two main pools, then several pools running along each building for the Swim Out suites. The largest pool is where the activities happen (aqua aerobics, pool volleyball, swim up bar) and sits below the Seaside Grill and Oceana restaurants, with a small swim up bar. The second large pool is extremely unique – quieter area for relaxation, but also features an infinity view to the ocean through one of the buildings. Swim Out suites have a good-sized pool in front (separated by a few feet of lawn), larger than most, so it’s more swimmable than typical swim out ‘lazy river’ type suites.

The restaurants are some of the most beautiful we’ve ever come across. El Patio, the Mexican restaurant, features an impressive lit tree in the middle, the “Tree of Life” they call it, surrounded by custom-made wicker and wood chairs and tables. Himitsu, the Oriental restaurant, is impressively lit by red crystal lighting, and has two very unique features – four “tatami” tables (where you sit down into the table at floor level) and a “sushi conveyor” (I’m sure they’ll name that better later) that is a long table, chairs on both sides, with a sushi chef at one end who prepares dishes, places them on a rotating belt in the middle of the table, and sends it along to all the guests.

The suites at Secrets Silversands are gorgeous – all whites and silvers, very upscale, and again almost art-deco. The 433 suites are arranged in several four story buildings. The king beds (with pillow top mattresses) are “floating”, in that they are platformed so you don’t see the underside. The bathroom area, with twin basin sinks and Jacuzzi tub, is separated by a sliding mirror wall for more privacy. Flat screen television, CD/DVD player, and MP3 player dock make staying in the room a little more enjoyable! All suites have 24 hour room service, stocked minibar, Jacuzzi tub, and feature either a gardenview or oceanview. Swim out suites have direct access to a pool area that runs along the building, just steps from the patio.

Secrets Silversands will only get more and more beautiful as time goes on, as the grass grows greener, the palm trees spread their leaves, and the flowers grow more colorful. Secrets Silversands absolutely will be one of THE top luxury resorts in Mexico!

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