THE ROYAL Playa Del Carmen & THE ROYAL Cancun

Properties that underwent massive upgrades and renovations a little while back (essentially tearing down to the foundations and being rebuilt as luxury adults-only properties), the sister Royal Playa Del Carmen and Royal Cancun are remarkably similar in layout/amenities/rooms/dining, and also share a very unique feature most other resorts can’t claim. Both resorts sit right in the middle of “the action” – the Royal Playa Del Carmen is literally right on Playa Del Carmen’s famous Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the shopping/nightlife that ‘Playa’ is famous for, and the Royal Cancun is towards the north end of the Hotel Zone, located between two major shopping centers within walking distance of dozens of restaurants and clubs. That being said, both resorts are separated from that hustle and bustle very well, so guests within the resort stay in the five star luxury, while those who crave the activity only need to step outside the front gate.

Both resorts are all-suite, featuring in-room Jacuzzi tubs (true double size, not just a few jets in the bathtub!), television and CD/DVD player, and 24 hour room service. Guests in Royal Service rooms also have a feature available to them which is nearly unheard of in the industry – the ability to book the exact room location/floor/number they want, simply by logging on to The Royal’s website 48 hours prior to arrival!

All this, plus a la carte gourmet dining with no reservations (except for the very unique Royal Chef’s Plate, a special menu done by the head chef every night at an intimate setting, something to try out!) make for a truly five star experience at either resort. The only question is which city do you want, Playa or Cancun?


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