EdenH Real Arena, Punta Cana

EdenH Real Arena is a brand new resort that just opened up in Punta Cana that we had a chance to visit while at Dreams for the Super Bowl party.

Very unique resort for the Dominican Republic – not the typical thatched roof, brightly colored buildings you’d expect to find here. EdenH Real Arena, the NH Hotels Group’s first foray into all-inclusive resorts, looks like it belongs in an upscale art district, or maybe along the beach in Monaco.

Quiet music plays throughout, not the usual salsa beat, making for a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere, something you can see as soon as you enter the high-ceilinged modern lobby. Spacious rooms with flat screen televisions and Jacuzzi tubs with rain showers complete the modern feel. Even the children seem to be well behaved!

Four a la carte restaurants (no reservations needed) and 24 hour room service, all feature some of the best quality food in the Dominican Republic, something EdenH prides itself on. EdenH Real Arena has a large stretch of white sand beach (right on Bavaro Beach, and not too far from the airport) and a huge pool that runs down the center of the resort.

Believe it or not, this resort, even though it just opened in January, is completely sold out until May – not a room to be had. The good news is that they are offering some excellent grand opening rates (how does $82 per person, per night, sound for a 4.5 star all-inclusive in May sound??)

Plenty of EdenH Real Arena pictures on our site from our agency tour in February!


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