Update on Excellence Playa Mujeres

This just in from the Director of Sales for the Excellence Group:

All the services are opened but the Flavor Market, which is scheduled for Friday the 16th or Saturday the 17th.

We have clients at buildings 9,8 and 7, and as soon as occupancy will go up, we will have clients in other buildings (it does not make sense to split the clients if we are at 30-40%).

Today the SPA is open at the ground floor, with all the hydrotherapy area, beauty parlor and some treatment cabins, enough for the demand they have today. Plus pool and beach stations.

The beach is very clean and looks very nice, but there are sea grass in the first meter inside the ocean like “floating”, but as soon as it comes out, we clean it. We hope this very bad sea will go, and be as it was before very soon.

Thanks to our great friends at the Excellence Group for all their updates! You can see Excellence Playa Mujeres pictures here.

Yes, Excellence Playa Mujeres is open!


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